Samuel R. Delaney


My reading habits were from the beginning have grown by the influence of the writers I had already read. In elementary school and jr. high I read all of the Jules Verne I could find, Sherlock Holmes, Johnny Quest, the Arabian Nights, James Bond, Tarzan, Conan, the Count of Monte Cristo, Ray Bradbury’s Martian Chronicles, Dandelion Wine, Illustrated Man. When we moved to Idaho Falls back in late 68/early 69 I bought a book on the way up – “The Wooden Star” by William Tenn. God I loved that book. And a book named “Driftglass” by Samuel R. Delaney. I let that book slip from my fingers – I believe in my undying love for Delaney’s writing I gave it to a friend to let them fall under his spell and there it was lost to my collection. I still have the Tenn book.

A while later I found my copy of Quark/3 a short story collection edited by Delaney and wife then Marilyn Hacker. The tales of wonder and science fiction kept my attention as well as the wonderful illustrations that were in the book.Delaney’s books fill my book shelf, Dahlgren, They Fly at Ciron, Stars in my Pocket, Neveryona Series, Triton, Nova, Jewels of Aptor, Mad Man, Jeweled Hinged Jaw, Shorter and Longer Views, Silent Interviews. All of them have fascinated me.

I recently found a couple of interviews of his – all of them were delightful to watch.



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