Perfume Genius – Too Bright

What a beautiful piece of music this is.Thuroughly enjoying the haunting sounds of Perfume Genius. Beautifully over the top. The video for "Queen" is

Chuck Prophet – Night Surfer

I'm really enjoying this new album by Chuck Prophet. This is his 13th studio album. Other albums of his I have really enjoyed for the last couple of

Roses blanches de Corfou

Nice little piece of music to enjoy - great little bit of a song "Roses blanches de Corfou" by Martin Léon and André L'Heureux. Les Duos Improbables

Nothing has changed – ‘Tis a pity

Nothing has changed – The Very Best Of Bowie Celebrating 50 years from Liza Jane to Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime) Been listening to Bowie since the