Murakami Wins Franz Kafka Award

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Kafka on The Shore
Japanese writer Murakami arrives in Prague Prague- Japanese author Haruki Murakami, which will be awarded the Franz Kafka Prize at the Old Town Hall on Monday, arrived in Prague today. The renowned writer, one of the candidates for the Nobel Prize for Literature this year, only rarely travels. He came to Prague because he highly esteemed the prize bearing the name of his favourite author. Murakami said that he greatly esteemed Franz Kafka and having been awarded the literary prize named after him. This attracted him to Prague, he added. Murakami said that he had never been to the country in which Kafka had lived. He said that it was intriguing for him to be here. Murakami said that he had started reading Kafka’s work at the age of 15 and was deeply touched by it. He said that he had read almost all of his books and that Kafka was one of his most favourite writers he had come across during his life. Kafka’s work has been translated into Japan in its entirety. Murakami said that the popularity of the German-writing author from Prague from the early 20th century was not unusual in Japan. Kafka is respected and liked by many in Japan, he added. The protagonist of Murakami’s latest novel Kafka on the Shore is called Kafka Tamura. Murakami said that there was a connection between the 15-year-old main hero and him when he read Kafka for the first time at this age. He escapes the home and his parents in order to be independent and gets into a very unusual world, Murakami said. It is symbolical that his name is Kafka, Murakami said, adding that he remembered Kafka’s world all the time he had written the novel. Murakami said that when he had learnt that he received the Franz Kafka Prize, he was absolutely shocked. Haruki Murakami, 57, is one of the outstanding contemporary Japanese writers. He gained popularity inside and outside Japan with his novel Norwegian Wood. Author: ÄŒTK.


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