History Repeating

There is no need to say anything but Shirley Basey and Propellerheads – History Repeating –

Different and Good

roger that funky itch


been grooving out to these funky tunes for the last couple of days Elkano Browning Cream Eli "Paperboy" Reed and the Pepper Pots Al Supersonice and the TeenagersToo many to list - just give it a … [Continue reading]

Blue Collar Jane – The Strypes


These guys really rock it out with this song, old school beat, bit of hand clapping, good drumming, good vocals. When will they tour the US?From their site - a perfect description of the energy I am getting from Blue Collar Jane - 'The … [Continue reading]

Demis Roussos – RIP

screenshot 6

What a bedutiful voice this man had RIP Demis Roussos … [Continue reading]

Mark Ronson


something a bit old 2010 - The Business Intl. - The Bike Songlove this tune … [Continue reading]

Black Strobe – Last Club on Earth


Some good sounds here. Why weren't we listening to them before? … [Continue reading]

COBI. World’s Smartest Connected Biking System.


The COBI system turns your normal bike into a smart bike. Wow this is one cool idea and it's very slick looking!From werd.com "The COBI system turns your normal bike into a smart bike. Connect with the App, drop your phone into the bar-mounted … [Continue reading]