COBI. World’s Smartest Connected Biking System.

The COBI system turns your normal bike into a smart bike. Wow this is one cool idea and it’s very slick looking!

From “The COBI system turns your normal bike into a smart bike. Connect with the App, drop your phone into the bar-mounted cradle/phone charger/LED headlight and simply ride while COBI enhances your pedaling experience with over 100 intelligent features like automatic lights, turn signals, theft alarm, accelerometer, and 96 others.”

Already funded on kickstarter.

Perfume Genius – Too Bright


What a beautiful piece of music this is.Thuroughly enjoying the haunting sounds of Perfume Genius. Beautifully over the top. The video for "Queen" is an interesting viewing.Don't you know your queen Whipped Heaving Flower bloom … [Continue reading]

Chuck Prophet – Night Surfer


I'm really enjoying this new album by Chuck Prophet. This is his 13th studio album. Other albums of his I have really enjoyed for the last couple of years: Age of Miracles, and Soap and Water.We've only experienced Chuck in concert once when he … [Continue reading]

Roses blanches de Corfou


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Nothing has changed – ‘Tis a pity


Nothing has changed – The Very Best Of Bowie Celebrating 50 years from Liza Jane to Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime) Been listening to Bowie since the early 70's and the first time I got to see him was with Moby in the summer of '02 the set list … [Continue reading]

Justin Sayre says “You Can’t Handle Gay Marriage” at The Meeting*

screenshot 4

Gay virgins are not a hot thing - you would not hire a plumber who just learned pipes. … [Continue reading]

Atlas Genius: So Electric: When It Was Now [Remixed]


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