Coachella Weekend 1 2014

Well it was a grand time out at the Empire Polo Fields – Coachella was exciting and presented a line-up that could please anyone who loves music. Cage the Elephant, The Replacements, Bryan Ferry – loved the Roxy Music songs – Love is a Drug was incredible.
Pet Shop Boys, Fat Boy Slim, Empire of the Sun, Broken Bells, Lorde, Calvin Harris and Beck all made great music. The weather was perfect but for the dust storm that blew in over the desert Saturday night, the dust was wicked. Luckily we brought our dust masks and bandanas as we had had a similar weather mashup last year during the Nick Cave set on the Main Stage.

MGMT Main Stage Coachella 2014

MGMT’s set was a perfect mix of great music and graphic visuals.

Empire of the Sun Coachella 2014

Empire of the Sun performed in the Sahara tent 9:50 – 10:50 Saturday April 12, 2014 Coachella

MGMT Coachella 2014

Main Stage
April 12th 2014 8:20-9:10
Coachella 2014

Pet Shop Boys - Coachella 2014

Pet Shop Boys
April 12, 2014
Mojave Tent
Coachella 2014

Escape Velocity and Reflection Field - Coachella 2014

Escape Velocity and Reflection Field
April 12, 2014
Coachella 2014

Cage the Elephant - Coachella 2014

Cage the Elephant
Up on the Main Stage deservedly
Crowd surfing end of the set was great with the lead singer making it all the way out to the sound booth, climbing on top and surfing the entire polo field.
Main Stage April 12, 2014
Coachella 2014


Dust storm selfies - Coachella 2014

Braving the dust storm at Coachella 2014 – Nothing was going to deter us from seeing our favorite bands.

83 Days to Coachella


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84 Days to Coachella


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VenSun ft. David Vendetta & Sylvia Tosun – Love Is Love


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Placebo Los Angeles The Wiltern October 18th


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Empire of the Sun


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Outside Lands 2013


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Barbarossa – Turbine and the Load

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georGE Sanders red wings

republic lifted arm with tape and three monkees await the apocalypse

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Giorgio Moroder’s ‘Live at Deep Space’ (DJ Set)

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