Nothing has changed – ‘Tis a pity

Nothing has changed – The Very Best Of Bowie
Celebrating 50 years from Liza Jane to Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime)
Been listening to Bowie since the early 70’s and the first time I got to see him was with Moby in the summer of ’02
the set list was:
Life on Mars?
Ashes to Ashes
Breaking Glass
(Pixies cover)
China Girl
(Iggy Pop cover)
Slip Away
I’m Afraid of Americans
I’ve Been Waiting for You
(Neil Young cover)
5:15 The Angels Have Gone
Heathen (The Rays)
Always Crashing in the Same Car
Let’s Dance
Ziggy Stardust
We got to see him 3 more times after that: The Shrine, The Wiltern and the Greek Theater – some of the best concerts we’ve ever been to, but that first one for me was so incredible – I remember David getting teary eyed when he started singing Life on Mars? it was so beautiful that evening.
Which one of these will we choose? The 3CD, the 2CD or the Vinyl – I am kind of trending towards the Vinyl version
listening to it today on Spotify and it sounds really smooth and sweet
The Vinyl cover:

The Two CD version Cover:

The 3 CD version cover:

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